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We offer free survey and design for your House Extensions and House Refurbishments.

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  • All our contracts are personally supervised by either John or Stuart Harrington - this ensures that the client's vision is adhered to as closely as possible.
  • A team of Specialist contracters have been carefully selected over the past 30 years and work to our high standards.
  • We are able to source and supply the highest quality products and materials at a competitive rate.
  • Our aim is to respond to all enquires within 24 hours.
Extension Specialist
It is easy, with a growing number of family members and possessions, to find yourself in a position where lack of space is an important issue. When moving to a larger house is the only alternative...
Property Refurbishments
Internal and external renovations have been carried out by Harrington Builders Kenley Ltd for over 30 years and our work always exceeds the customers expectations in quality and visual impact...

Kitchen and Bathroom Refurbishments
After kitchens, the bathroom is predominately the second point of sale. Experts advise that, when selling your house, you can expect to recover more than the original cost of installation. A luxurious room to relax in...

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Harrington Builders Kenley Ltd has up to 30 years experience in skilled labour and client relationships, in and around the London area. We are aware that having work undertaken on your house can interrupt your daily routine. We therefore make every effort to ensure that each contract, however large or small, is carried out to the highest standard, with the best sourced quality materials and always taking you and your family in consideration by causing the least amount of disruption possible.

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